Esteem’s High-beams (Ha’sonnet)

(Now, if I could only zap those dang spammers!)

Must be braver

To my pleased shock

Didn’t waver

Faced WordPress ‘Block’

Yesterday’s fear

It is to jeer

Esteem’s high-beams😉

Z & Z Poetry, 2020 ~ All rights reserved.

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13 thoughts on “Esteem’s High-beams (Ha’sonnet)

    1. I feel silly now–all that fussing I did. It helped a lot when you told me I didn’t have to use the blocks–thanks so much! Now it’s just a matter of remembering where the few things I need to use, are–which comes with practice 🙂 I’m amazed at how really easy some of the changes WP made are. Oh and by the way, when I put my big-girl panties on to approach the “new”–one of the first things I saw was what you were talking about, re photography–comparing photos (something like that). Of course, I’m not a photographer–but it was reassuring to recognize something right off the bat! 🙂

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      1. I did a lot of fussing at the beginning too. Mostly aggravated at the need to change something that was working fine in my opinion! I am glad it is getting easier for you. I just use what seems simplest and then ask the help people when I reach an impasse – and have the energy and patience to deal with another “new” part.

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      2. Aha, we are in agreement again! Why change something that works fine? Oh well…I guess it’s good to learn new things, keeps the brain greased and tuned 🙂 I greatly admire that you do ask the help folks…when you have energy and patience to deal with yet more “new” aspects 🙂 I have a tendency to get more confused by their suggestions, adding to my frustration, impatience and general bad mood! 🙂 I have to admit it does wonders for my self-appraisal when I try the next thing I need–and it magically, miraculously just pops into place!! Yesterday, my quest was how to include music vids and images–no fuss, no sweat, no frowning face–I felt much smarter than months ago when I first tried to “do Block” 🙂 Maybe sometimes success is a combo of “timing” and no more options (besides quitting) 🙂

        So the next issues is the continuing spam.
        I’m wondering if a completely new blog would do the trick–because although I put a new name on this one, the web address remains the same (WP won’t change that)… maybe the “roaches” keep finding me that way. But it’s a hassle to start over yet again–and it’s confusing to my few regular readers when I have to send out invites in hopes they’ll stay with me. So my tentative plan is to put up with the spam till the end of the year, if I can–and open a fresh blog January 1; by then I’ll also be more comfortable with Block.

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      3. Well I guess I’ve joined the club – today I got 2 really long porno spams, which were linked to older posts. Gross, but…Delete! I guess the trick is to not let your eyes even skim the contents and we can avoid the grossness that way. I don’t think changing the blog name (for anyone!) makes a difference. Perhaps it just goes with the territory. The senders are just really pathetic though and we are the ones with the ultimate power…to send them away.
        Meanwhile! We’ll continue to figure out the block editing little by little 🙂


      4. Oh my, I’m so sorry about your awful spam infestation…maybe it won’t last, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Today I went to WP’s Support page re tips about spam–and also did a google search…not sure how helpful all of this will be. You may be right that changing blogs isn’t the ultimate answer–but I have to say, it aggravates me to have to Delete a whole pile of spam before I can get to the joyful business of blogging–aarrgghh!! I used to be somewhat put off by blogs that require you to complete a Captcha in order to comment–but I’m rethinking that, as I think you can get a free plug-in for it. Just a thought 🙂

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      5. I’ve decided not to worry about it – and just delete it from the spam folder when I feel like it since it’s not in the way of blogging. We’ll see how that goes! At least it doesn’t show up in my comments folder.


      6. I just logged in and I always check spam first, so I can go on with my life… It’s a good day when there’s not one (yet) and it’s even Monday! 🙂 Have a great week, Andrea 🙂

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