Up to Snuff, No Metrophobia

Prompt Words:  High, Metrophobia- Irrational fear of poetry, Freudian Slip, Crouch, Eggs, Peach, Tonight, Shock, Slip, Know, Twist, Body


Never, no way ever

Among all her diagnoses

Was the slightest degree

Of metrophobia recorded

In any shrink’s notes, files.

Even after shock therapy—

Which jerked her body but

Failed to twist and tweak

Her brain into improved

Social functionality—

There was no sign her poetic

Bent was negatively affected.

That was good to know, Dr Crouch

Opined, as though it meant she was

Up to snuff; she had a peachy-keen clean

Bill of health, no symptoms of being

‘Crazy as a loon’…he apologized for the

Freudian slip.

She left the final session feeling

Mildly high; for dinner she cooked

Scrambled eggs on toast, before

Slipping into baggy sweats.

She was ready to write a poem

She’d titled, “Tonight”:

Tonight I know

This is my lot

Glad, but more so

If I forgot

Bad memories

They steal mind’s ease

Contrive, and thrive ~

ZACK & ZELDA/Breathing Shallow Poetry, 2020 ~ All rights reserved.


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